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Creative for Reebok’s #GameRecognizeGame social campaign, featuring NBA all-star Isaiah Thomas and Nerlens Noel.

ForReebok – Q4 & Pumpspective "#GameRecognizeGame" RoleCreative Director / Writer
DateNovember 2013

NBA all-star Isaiah Thomas.

The Q4 and Pumpspective Omni.

A 300x250 rich media expandable banner highlights the shoes worn by two NBA greats.

With a click or tap, the banner expands to auto-play the video. Viewers can click a corner to explore each shoe. 970x66 rich media expandable pencil banner.

The pencil banner expands to play video content.

A 300x250 standard digital display featuring Nerlens Noel.

A 728x90 standard digital display for the Pumpspective Omni. digital skin. digital skin.