Responsive Digital - Semantic Search Campaign

Activation and responsive mobile work for CUNA Mutual Group’s TruStage™ credit union offering.

  • Role Associate Creative Director / Writer
  • For CUNA Mutual Group
  • Date March 2012
  • Type eCommerce, financial, mobile, web,

Life insurance is a tough sell. Not only is it difficult to understand, it’s simply a touchy subject. This effort for CUNA Mutual Group features semantic online advertising and in-bank digital conversations that help people understand and get real about life insurance.

The banner starts with a series of excuses as to why people never get around to learning about and buying life insurance.

A visitor might add a phrase like “It’s too expensive for me right now.” The back-end semantic search engine scans the content to understand its context.

On the landing page, content is customized thanks to a semantic keyword algorithm. The visitor then finds an experience online that best fulfills on the content entered in the banner ad. In this example, the visitor finds out that she’s not alone; many people feel life insurance is too expensive.

She can watch videos about life insurance costs.

And find content on about life insurance costs and how to save

The landing page accounts for her content entry and bubbles up content that best fulfills her concern.

It even goes so far as too help simplify the language that’s confusing to her. Here everything is explained in layman’s terms.