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This a CRM effort that combines the look and feel of a magazine with the cross-platform power of an eCommerce and CRM sales engine. The app was designed to help families plan their trip and catalog their once-in-a-lifetime Walt Disney World vacation.

The app introduces itself and helps parents navigate when using for the first time.

It features a flexible layout with room to change the content hierarchy based on content they’ve seen, who they are, and how their interests have changed.

The flexible CMS allows for all types of content.

In depth content is a breeze.

It’s flexible and adaptive no matter the platform.

When parents take the app with them it becomes an in-park daily planner. Plan weeks ahead or plan that day.

What about the kids? They’ve got access to content, too.

Parents can allow the kids to magically reveal a child- friendly interface.

Content is set by Disney and approved by Mom and Dad. Now the kids can pick their favorites!

Tablet or mobile. You choose.

After the trip, the app becomes the ultimate family vacation photo album. Time to plan for next year.


A CMS-driven application that lets Moms and Dads discover the content they need to plan the perfect Disney vacation.


Associate Creative Director


Walt Disney Studios – ‘Mappazine’


October 2012


Mobile app, Tablet app, CMS platform