Responsive Digital - Strategic Overhaul and Redesign

  • Role Creative Director
  • For Burger King
  • Date March 2014
  • Type Website redesign / front- and back-end development
  • URL

The hero area allows for fresh content that’s updated with ease in the new CMS. Visitors can dig into the food, find a location, and explore new offers. The biggest addition is the inclusion of real-time social feeds via various social media platform API.

Visitors can now feast their eyes on well-organized, beautifully shot product photography.

Visitors can click (or tap for tablet and mobile) on any product for detailed info.

Nutrition information was a big part of the build. Now visitors can select any number of ingredients and see nutrition values update in real time.

The project featured Google Maps API integration and map a redesign effort to align with the brand.

Of course, it was responsively built to work with any device.