Responsive Digital - Travel Planner

A downloadable tablet application Royal cruisers used to purchase add-on events and shore excursions after booking their travel.

  • Role Creative Director
  • For Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Date May 2013
  • Type Tablet Application

Start by selecting your the language of choice in the upper right. This will change the text in the sign-in box. (We use English for the remainder of the walkthrough.)

This app is build to host up to 5 select languages, which can be adjusted depending on geographic area.

You tap ‘Yes’ to start. Selecting ‘No’ takes you to where you can browse and purchase a cruise.

Enter your cruise info with your travel credentials.

With your info entered, an immersive 360-degree photo experience takes over while your details download.

Your greeted with a vast variety of content that’s specific to your cruise, complete with a countdown to your vacation date.

The experience is responsive and adjusts your content accordingly.

You can took a number of different events and tours.

Filtering is easy to use. You can filter by date, excursion type, cost, or length of event. Here, we filter by rating. You’ve also got access to customer reviews across a number of social platforms.

Each filter rearranges and changes the content. Here, you select Swim with the Dolphins.

The product page has content that’s pertinent to the excursion, including the most up to date Twitter feeds about the excursion. You can also review excursion promo videos.

Simply press ‘Book Now’ (or add it to your ‘Wish List’ if you’re not quite sure).

The details are pre-populated the information on the booking overlay. Select those in your party who you’d like to bring along and tap ‘Book Now.’

Every action you take will appear in your calendar, which is accessed via the menu bar.

The calendar is responsive. Switch the view from portrait to landscape to see how the content will render.

From the calendar you can further explore other offerings via the calendaring bar at the bottom or the filters at the top. You can access the calendars of those in your party and invite them to join or book for them.

See more of your week in landscape mode.

You can also access your ‘Wish List’ from the main menu. Everything you’ve earmarked is cleanly listed here.

You can compare excursions side by side if you’re still not sure.

With your mind made up you can now easily book the event.