Reebok: Integrated campaign - Health and fitness

Integrated campaign featuring JJ Watt and Ronda Rousey. Executions include print and digital and standard out of home.

Four-page spread in Men’s Health magazine

Men’s Health, page 1

Men’s Health, pages 2 and 3

Men’s Health, page 4

Digital billboard, New York City

In-mall digital billboard

Three-dimensional billboard placed in Houston, Texas

LAX security bin placement

Security bin in context

New York City billboard

Billboard in context

New York City ‘wild posting.’

Wild posting in context

3rd Avenue digital takeover

3rd Avenue in context

Standard vertical takeover

Standard billboard

Standard in-mall display

Custom signage

34th Street Station


Creative Director / Writer


Reebok – ZPump Fusion


July 2015


Out of home, print and digital activation